You will feel different, when you visit the Spanish restaurants and rightly so. Most of the people in Spain love their own cultural and traditional foods which are wonderful to taste and so, act as magnets to attract visitors from all around the world.

Coming to Spain, you can instantly see that the eating habits of Spanish people are absolutely different in comparison with other people in the world. Different salads or soup in their first courses add distinct tastes to the mouth and are good even from the health point of view. Eating customs in the country play vital role to make any food special in Spain.

You will be offered different dishes in different seasons if you go to Spanish restaurants. There is an extensive menu of dishes which are special in different geographical areas of Spain. In general, Spanish foods are special due to some of these reason mentioned below:

1. Food ingredients: Spanish recipes are prepared using different food ingredients that are rarely used in other countries of the world. Ingredients such as marmitako, pork, beans for soups and other dishes, are special foodstuffs used in the preparation on Spanish foods.

2. Cooking Methods: Spanish people have their own cooking methods which are traditional and so, create a completely authentic Spanish taste. If everything goes right from the ingredients to the cooking methods, a trademark Spanish dish is what you can expect.

3. Climate or season: You will get different dishes in Spain for summer and winter seasons which are completely weather friendly and will help you to stay healthy.

4. Geographical areas: Spain has many different geographical regions and the cooking methods vary from place to place. The local dishes across different locations across the country give Spanish cuisine a special and wonderful taste.

Thus, if you give a closer look to Spanish foods, you will find it special as compared to other cuisines all over the world. Spanish foods really give you different tastes, flavors and experiences.

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