The Best Burgers In New York


America has been in a love affair with the burger for longer than most can remember. And why not? The ingredients are simple, but effective and delectable. A cheeseburger and fries is a classic and arguably, the most notable American specialty dish. While the claims of invention may be disputed, there is no American dish more iconic than the hamburger and no American city more iconic than New York City.

New York City is home to a variety of great dishes and serves some of the world’s best burgers. If you’re visiting New York you may justifiably be on a quest to find the best burgers in town – so here are a few suggestions to get your burger quest underway.

Shake Shack

The Shake Shack is located at 11 Madison Ave and serves some of the best and most well priced burgers around town. The bold meat flavor and simple ingredients are perfectly composed and priced under $5. Both the classic Shackburger and Smokeshack remain the Shake Shack’s tastiest treats.

The Spotted Pig

Meat lovers rejoice! The Spotted Pig Burger raises the stakes for all NYC burgers with its simple concoction and more importantly, satisfyingly large size. Decked with Roquefort cheese on a lightly grilled brioche bun and a welcome addition of thin fries on the side, the Spotted Pig Burger easily claims one of NYC’s best burger spots.

Burger Joint

New York offers a lot of great burger joints but if you are not on a longer holiday in the city, then this is the place to try. The burgers are cooked to perfection, juicy and tasteful. The business does one thing and one thing only and that’s making burgers; and they certainly have perfected the product. If you want a medium, you get a medium; if you want a large, you get a large. One of the few places that cooks to order. Though the place gets quite full, the wait is worth it. If you want to avoid the lines/waiting, head there either before 11:45 or after 1:15pm.

Blue 9 Burger

Another on our list is the New York derivative to In N Out Burger. Both the burger and fries are fresh and the burgers are customizable. If you’re feeling really hungry, go with the double and fries.

Corner Bistro

Next is the Corner Bistro. You won’t find any fancy burgers with exotic nuances, just a good old-fashioned American burger. The price is easy on your wallet and the taste is sublime.

DB Bistro Moderne

For those of you looking for that giant portion, the coup de grace if you will, then you should head over to the DB Bistro Moderne. At $35, this burger will set you back a little, but who can resist a man v food challenge? The burger is filled with red wine braised short ribs and black truffle, served on a Parmesan bun. This burger is rich in taste, texture and proportion.

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