Foods That Aid in Calming the Mind (Reducing Stress) and Body

It is quite natural for all of us to believe that having a nice sumptuous meal would give a soothing effect to our body. This statement however is not even remotely true as a generalization.

For, there are few foods that make you prone to anxiety and stress. Therefore, it becomes imperative that in time of stress, one should only intake those food items that are proven to calm the mind and body.

Effects of Improper Diet Plans

One must understand that though a few foods that may give you temporary soothing effects can have counter effects. Starch, for example, which is available as sugar in all sweet products will make you feel better for a moment but would lead to rise in fat.

This fat is the reason that makes a person obese which is definitely not a good long term goal. So, one must be careful about looking at the overall effects that the food gives to calm the mind and body. The rest of this article will give you a primer on how to eat healthy.

Reducing Blood Pressure: Avocado

This fruit has two essential elements that make it number one on the list. Firstly, the fruit contains potassium in large quantities which further helps in reducing your blood pressure. Therefore, gives you an instant relaxation against anxiety or stress. Secondly, the fruit is also known for being rich in Vitamin B and vitamin E which acts which act as barrier against non required fat from being absorbed in the blood.

Fighting symptoms of Stress: Dark Chocolate

As already stated, sugar is never anybody’s friend in the long run and therefore milk chocolates will definitely do you more badly than good. However, a chocolate rich in cocoa to the extent of seventy five percent would have numerous health benefits for the body. There are various elements in dark chocolate which are known for making a person’s mood better. Most importantly, dark chocolate helps as an active agent to reduce ‘cortisol’ from the body. This hormone is often linked to causing symptoms of anxiety and stress in the body.

Most helpful food: Berries

If a person looks for healthy foods under any category, berries would often find its mention under it. That could be credited to the fact that berries, majorly blueberries and blackberries are considered to be the healthiest daily food intake. Berries have been proven to have a high dosage of Vitamin C, which in turn is known for acting as a shield against anxiety and stress. Along with vitamin C, berries often contain an anti – oxidant which again works wonder against anxiety and stress.

A medicine that cures: Chamomile Tea

Ever since tea was discovered from China, the importance of tea has never been reduced in the western world. For example, it has become common knowledge amongst the people about green tea and how it helps in reducing fat from the body. Joining the same list is a slightly less know member of the family, chamomile tea. This flower based tea is known as a simple cure against stress, regular intake of the tea for a couple of weeks would show instant results in the mind and body of the person.

Not just for Fancy Meals: Oysters

It would come as a pleasant surprise to the fans of sea food that oysters has far reaching health benefits than you would have imagined. Scientist often blames the improper balance of zinc and copper with the mind and body for initial increase in the stress levels. This further causes hindrance in the functioning of your brain to adapt to changing stress levels. Oysters are known for having huge amounts of zinc in them and therefore can help your brain to easily adapt to the changing stress levels.

Keep your cool with Asparagus

The list so far has included foods which not only are healthy but also taste really good. However, for a few people asparagus may fall into an exception. But it is equally important to know that this not so nice – tasting plant is in fact the best mechanism to reduce stress and anxiety. Leafy plants in general, including the Asparagus are known for having a component known as folate. This magic component helps in keeping the mind cool and reduces the tension and stress from the body.

Good for Heart and Stress: Whole Grains

You may feel like that whole grains were only told to you as intake for keeping your heart healthy but that may be half of the story. As previously stated in reference to zinc, a deficiency or sudden reduction in the magnesium intake can lead to high stress level. Whole grain foods are rich in magnesium which helps you maintain the stress level of the body. It also produces serotonin that is a chemical with properties of reducing anxiety levels.


Good food can definitely help to calm your mind and body and give you the energy to fight anxiety and stress but this is half the battle. They cannot permanently alter the stress level that you create but do help you get through in bringing about the change.


Junk Foods : A risk To your Health

Now you’re certainly asking “But I donot smoke pot? I have never handled Cocaine, and liquor is forbidden to me… so what are we referring to?!”

The answer is: Junk Food.

Don’t think me? Think about we see where we end up… ah and journey towards the supermarket I see you discovered the potato chips section. Or think about that McDonalds around the corner? Betcha you’d obtain the quarterpounder with extra cheese and dual fries right off the bat!

Did you possibly know that Junk-Food includes No Nutritional Value? That’s right, ZERO! Or did you even bother wondering what elements they have in them? It is likely that they are those deemed unhealthy to consume in any way, or substances considered harmful when often eaten. Junk Foods are great if you let’s not forget the fats in it causing ill-effects on your own health, and want an uptake in useless calories, cholesterol.

So why would you do it? Listed here are the common and widespread reasons which are certain to become yours also:

Less Time:

You’re at the office and you’ve a deadline over your mind. Fretting about receiving this statement completed sure makes you hungry. You begin munching away and pullout a bundle of Chips. Junk Food wins again due to the simplicity. These nachos include potato chips, and crackers etc thatnot possibly require heat or cooking. You can consume while watching Television, operating get creative them virtually doing something! And let us forget the God-delivered restaurants that offer pizzas and burgers at your door step able and warm to eat. You should be saved lots of period and hassles by that, right?

Great Style:

I will be the first to ever acknowledge right here, thus do yourself a benefit too. Junk Food can be your personal crime. It’s tasty; certainly, and itis desirable remarkable. Just like that commercial claims “you can’t eat only one”. Good flavor also affects you to choose unhealthy foods. However, you almost certainly didn’t realize that junk foods obtain style all thanks to the lush use of oils, salts and/or sugar. The moment you take the initial chunk: that is it, you are connected! But what about appropriate nutrition, you wonder? Do not worry; junk food enables you to forget all that.

Popular Advertising:

When you were a youngster growing up, you had been bound to bother your parents everytime you saw an ad at your preferred fast food restaurant for your new tasty crispy deals. Promotion and a huge role in finetuning our thoughts to acknowledge all junkfood like there is no tomorrow really play. Exactly how many instances can you view advertisements for your tasty new discounts at KFC or McDonalds, offering massive fresh burgers as well as the spiffy new combination meals? Your eyes, mind and abdomen are hypnotized by that new advertisement and its own items that only make you order yourself a mouthful and wanna dial that range. Television, Net, papers, radio, wall posters and banners… they’re everywhere you change. They’re the exact same reason which makes them harmful to your health if components make junk foods interesting. The fat items in junk foods have alarmingly high cholesterol levels, and of course the considerable amount of sugar and sodium salts that have adverse effects on health. High-calorie pleased with sugar are the master factors behind obesity, while cholesterol and salt are known to start a chain reaction that results in high blood pressure, stroke and heart conditions. Still not confident? Stop munching and have yourself if you’ve ever encountered:

Lack of Vitality?

Although junk foods are just about sufficing, they don’t offer you important vitamins, and finally insufficient essential nutrients leads to exhaustion and weakness occasionally. That is referred to as a short- term adverse effect

Poor attention?

Right after you’ve had a load of an expensive crap meal abundant with fat, you don’t target and begin feeling sleepy. Because of continuous cases of processed foods eating, blood circulation declines because of fat deposition. This results in lack of vital air, nutrients and proteins that will stale your gray (brain) tissues temporarily, ultimately resulting in poor concentration. That is another consequence of junk food and it is followed to affect in medium and immediate term times.

Heart Diseases?

Trying to burp out that painful inside your chest? Better start getting concerned because consuming a lot of processed foods is just a main reason for heart diseases. Myocardial infarction (a significant heart failure) is because of plaque development in arteries which ultimately needs the heart to include additional effort to pump body downstream. On the upstream, there’s lack of returning body for the center. This causes two injuries towards the heart: 1) heart fatigues by the ongoing additional energy it creates and 2) lack of suitable circulation in air supply. Treating this condition is frustrating and requires a great amount of will to get.

High Cholesterol?

Cooking gas ads (if you’ve ever paid attention) tell us that cholesterol is evil. Besides constricting arteries and forming plaques, liver where it’s digested is also affected by cholesterol. Odd then that the consumption of unhealthy foods features an ocean-filled with cholesterol which sort of diet traces the liver, damaging it. This is a longterm impact. Trust you paid interest enough to learn what unhealthy foods may do for you. Beware you won’t be able to quit off it before it’s too late and as the attraction is robust enough to get you addicted. It is in your arms to choose junk food or a healthy body. So here is a rule which will make it simple for you:


Healthy Weight Loss without Sacrificing Delicious Food

With all the new snacks, soft drinks, fast food chains and various other “unhealthy” edibles popping up around town, you may find it hard to keep your weight, your figure, and even your health in a proper condition. And together with the unhealthy food franchises booming, comes the massive list of “healthy diets” we just can’t get enough of. Sadly, most of these healthy diets involve eating a lot less of the delicious things and more of chewing leaves. Admit it, if you’ve ever tried one of the veggie diets, then you must’ve felt like a rabbit at one point, chewing nothing but cabbage, carrots and all that comes in the less-delicious family of foods.

Luckily, there are also a lot of delicious healthy foods out there. You don’t have to go all vegetarian or vegan just to have the perfect body. Chicken is a healthy solution for people who want to keep themselves in a healthier body. Of course, it really depends on how the chicken is cooked. But we’ll get there soon.

First, let’s talk about what’s good about chicken. Chicken (or any other white meat) generally has less cholesterol and saturated fat (the “bad” fat) than red meats (such as pork and beef). It is a good source of protein, which helps to condition the muscles in our bodies. It also gives a pretty good amount of vitamins B6 and B3 which help the body’s metabolism and gives a proper amount of energy to last through the day. Aside from that, chicken is also a good source for the anti-cancer element: selenium, which is also good against cardiovascular disease and several other diseases. It would probably take half a day to discuss all the good things about chicken meat, so let’s just settle with some of its perks mentioned above for now.

Obviously, there are a lot of ways to cook chicken. The healthiest ways would include boiling, broiling, grilling, sauté, and poaching. However, no matter what way of cooking you decide to go with your chicken, it’s best to keep in mind that chicken skin (even if it’s a part of the chicken) is not a very healthy food and should be avoided if you’re planning to lose weight or have a healthier body.

It’s actually very easy to find free healthy chicken recipes now that the internet is something normal in most households. Search “healthy chicken recipe” and you’ll probably be flooded with thousands and thousands of search results with infinite ways of deliciously cooking your healthy meal. Some websites do offer an entire feature for healthy chicken meals like which dedicated a portion of the site to “Healthy Diet Chicken Recipes” (and they really do look very delicious), as well as which offers recipes for “Chicken Dishes That Flatten your Belly”. To add to the healthy chicken recipe sources, offers 100 Easy Chicken Recipes under their “Healthy Chicken Recipe” section of the website as well.

But if you’re more of the traditional gal or pal, you can hit the nearest bookstore and go to the food section. There are literally hundreds of healthy food recipe books, which include chicken recipes you can buy.

Whoever said going on a diet is torture probably never knew chicken could be both healthy and delicious at once. Cooking your own recipe or ordering ready to make ingredients and just mixing them up can be just as fun, especially when done with a loved one or a family member.


The Benefits of Organic Food

As you delve into the world of healthy living, you will find that there are few steps you can take more helpful than switching over to organic eating.

Rather than let yourself eat all of the processed food that has become so prevalent today, eating purely organic will help ensure that your body is able to function at its best. This will help you lose unwanted weight and ensure you keep a healthy figure going forward.

Depending on where you live, finding organic food can sometimes be difficult. With this in mind, you must consider where to buy organic foods. From there, you can make the transition and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

Finding Organic Foods

organic food market for most people, finding organic food is as simple as going to the major grocery store. Since nutritionists are realizing the health benefits of an organic diet, stores are being forced to carry these options.

If you’re lucky, these will be comparable in price to the non-organic options, but if you live in a less progressive area you might need to spend a bit extra.

Ideally, the area you live in will actually have a health food store of some kind. More and more companies are starting to offer fully organic food selections, allowing users to find everything they need at a competitive price. If neither of these are available, try looking online for companies that will deliver.

Why Worry About Organic Eating?

nutritious foodThere are a wide variety of reasons to eat only organic foods. For one, you avoid unnatural pesticides, which can have negative health effects. Nutritional content is another consideration, as most organic foods actually are more nutritious than their non-organic equivalents.

Perhaps more important than either of these, organic foods are naturally grown, which is why they are easier for the body to digest. When you eat organic, you don’t have to worry about having issues created by unnatural ingredients that might interfere with the digestion process.

Making the Transition

Transition to new lifeOne of the biggest difficulties people have when switching over to organic foods is the cost. In many areas of the country, eating organic is more expensive than eating the genetically modified foods that are readily available at every major grocery store.

If you are fortunate to live in a more progressive area of the country, this might not be a problem, which is definitely something you should be grateful for.

Regardless, there are ways to slowly make the transition and ensure you can still get by on a reasonable budget. To begin, make sure to keep in mind that organic food has a shorter shelf life than non-organic versions.

This is because it is all natural and does not have any artificial preservatives. If you only buy the foods when you need them, you can save money by avoiding spoilage of your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ultimately, organic eating is not only healthier, but it also tastes better. Once you are able to integrate these organic foods into your diet, you will start to notice a difference. So, don’t just settle for anything when you go shopping. Instead, keep your organic needs in mind.