The Best North American Dishes Your Restaurant Needs


North America is home to some of the most amazing landscapes, cultures, and of course foods in the world. Many people instantly fall in love with North American cuisine, and it is so unique, delicious, and full of flavor. It is unlike any other culture with a focus on decadence, salt, and sugar.

Some of the best North American dishes are so different from what is found in other parts of the world, especially with ingredients such as Cheese Curds.

While cheese curds are often known as a key ingredient in the Canadian dish of poutine, the North Americans know how to add cheese curds to a range of dishes that you haven’t even tried yet.

Here are some of the best North American cheese curd dishes, that you need to add to your restaurant menu:


Tacos are one of the most loved Mexican dishes, and they are easily found across the world. However, have you heard of cheese curd tacos before? – you most likely haven’t. Cheese curd tacos are a healthy and delicious spin on the classic Mexican taco.

Cheese curd tacos are often prepared in two ways – the original one uses fried cheese curds, however, if you are more on the healthier side, raw cheese curds can also be used. Cheese curd tacos should be on every restaurant menu – the crunchy tortillas, fresh veggies, soft and squeaky cheese curds, and spices – all of these ingredients, when they come together are delicious. Just replace your regular taco cheese with either fresh or fried cheese curds and you are ready to go.

Canadian Poutine Pizza

If Poutine seems a bit too mainstream for your restaurant – how about you try a poutine pizza? Yes, you heard that right—pizza with iconic brown gravy, crispy fries, and cheese curds.

If your restaurant already serves poutine, then this addition will be easy. All you need is a Canadian pizza base which is super thin, and you are good to go. Poutine is already everyone’s favorite, so why not try poutine pizza.

Baked/Fried Cheese Curds

One of the most common and classic cheese curd dishes. Fried cheese is commonly seen throughout North American culture, and fried cheese curds are the perfect appetizer for any restaurant.  Delicious fried cheese curds can easily replace French fries or chips. If you have a healthier customer base, instead of frying them, the cheese curds can also be baked.

Cheese curd dishes are not always easy to make; their taste totally depends on cheese curds’ quality and freshness. Finding fresh cheese curds is quite a task in Australia, but don’t worry, we know where you can go. Pure Dairy is the only place where you should be getting cheese curds for your restaurant. Pure Dairy cheese curds are directly sourced from Wisconsin. They are packed using the IQF technology, which preserves the nutrients, texture and the ‘squeak’ without adding nasty additives and preservatives. Get in touch with Pure Dairy for fresh cheese curds in Australia, and they will get back to you with the additional details of the distributors near you.

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