Foods That Aid in Calming the Mind (Reducing Stress) and Body


It is quite natural for all of us to believe that having a nice sumptuous meal would give a soothing effect to our body. This statement however is not even remotely true as a generalization.

For, there are few foods that make you prone to anxiety and stress. Therefore, it becomes imperative that in time of stress, one should only intake those food items that are proven to calm the mind and body.

Effects of Improper Diet Plans

One must understand that though a few foods that may give you temporary soothing effects can have counter effects. Starch, for example, which is available as sugar in all sweet products will make you feel better for a moment but would lead to rise in fat.

This fat is the reason that makes a person obese which is definitely not a good long term goal. So, one must be careful about looking at the overall effects that the food gives to calm the mind and body. The rest of this article will give you a primer on how to eat healthy.

Reducing Blood Pressure: Avocado

This fruit has two essential elements that make it number one on the list. Firstly, the fruit contains potassium in large quantities which further helps in reducing your blood pressure. Therefore, gives you an instant relaxation against anxiety or stress. Secondly, the fruit is also known for being rich in Vitamin B and vitamin E which acts which act as barrier against non required fat from being absorbed in the blood.

Fighting symptoms of Stress: Dark Chocolate

As already stated, sugar is never anybody’s friend in the long run and therefore milk chocolates will definitely do you more badly than good. However, a chocolate rich in cocoa to the extent of seventy five percent would have numerous health benefits for the body. There are various elements in dark chocolate which are known for making a person’s mood better. Most importantly, dark chocolate helps as an active agent to reduce ‘cortisol’ from the body. This hormone is often linked to causing symptoms of anxiety and stress in the body.

Most helpful food: Berries

If a person looks for healthy foods under any category, berries would often find its mention under it. That could be credited to the fact that berries, majorly blueberries and blackberries are considered to be the healthiest daily food intake. Berries have been proven to have a high dosage of Vitamin C, which in turn is known for acting as a shield against anxiety and stress. Along with vitamin C, berries often contain an anti – oxidant which again works wonder against anxiety and stress.

A medicine that cures: Chamomile Tea

Ever since tea was discovered from China, the importance of tea has never been reduced in the western world. For example, it has become common knowledge amongst the people about green tea and how it helps in reducing fat from the body. Joining the same list is a slightly less know member of the family, chamomile tea. This flower based tea is known as a simple cure against stress, regular intake of the tea for a couple of weeks would show instant results in the mind and body of the person.

Not just for Fancy Meals: Oysters

It would come as a pleasant surprise to the fans of sea food that oysters has far reaching health benefits than you would have imagined. Scientist often blames the improper balance of zinc and copper with the mind and body for initial increase in the stress levels. This further causes hindrance in the functioning of your brain to adapt to changing stress levels. Oysters are known for having huge amounts of zinc in them and therefore can help your brain to easily adapt to the changing stress levels.

Keep your cool with Asparagus

The list so far has included foods which not only are healthy but also taste really good. However, for a few people asparagus may fall into an exception. But it is equally important to know that this not so nice – tasting plant is in fact the best mechanism to reduce stress and anxiety. Leafy plants in general, including the Asparagus are known for having a component known as folate. This magic component helps in keeping the mind cool and reduces the tension and stress from the body.

Good for Heart and Stress: Whole Grains

You may feel like that whole grains were only told to you as intake for keeping your heart healthy but that may be half of the story. As previously stated in reference to zinc, a deficiency or sudden reduction in the magnesium intake can lead to high stress level. Whole grain foods are rich in magnesium which helps you maintain the stress level of the body. It also produces serotonin that is a chemical with properties of reducing anxiety levels.


Good food can definitely help to calm your mind and body and give you the energy to fight anxiety and stress but this is half the battle. They cannot permanently alter the stress level that you create but do help you get through in bringing about the change.

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