Home Cake Decorating – A Hobby The Whole Family Can Enjoy

There is nothing better than treating your family and friends from time to timeWouldnt it be great to surprise them with a gorgeous decorated cake at that next special occasionHome cake decorating is a hobby that gets many peoples juices flowingThey become quite passionate about it and it serves as a creative outlet and a way of bringing joy to any occasion.

Like any hobby worth havingyou can get all kinds of toolsgadgetsand contraptions to make your home cake decorating hobby even easier and more funFor exampleas a home cake decoratoryou will not want to be stuck with boring roundsquare and rectangular cakesYou will be pleased to know that you can now get cake pans in just about any shape imaginable to make your home cake decorating hobby more fun and surprise and delight your friends and family!

Once you have chosen your shape or special panjust add a bit of flair and imagination for a cake that will have people seeking you out the next time they need something special for an eventSculpt and mold any shape or design you like with colored frostingHere is where your creativity really comes into playAs you perfect your craftyou will find more and more ways to express your creativity with colored frostingThe great thing is that there is such a great deal of flexibility with just a few basic tools when it comes to making your ideas come alive.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed when you see the lovely cakes at the bakeryJust keep in mind that the baker started out just like youThe only difference between those cakes at the bakery and the ones you will make with your home cake decorating hobby is practiceAs soon as you get yourself some books and the right equipmentyou will be able to start practicingSoon you will be creating beautiful cakes to brighten any occasionAnd even if the your first results are not to your likingyou can always eat the evidence (or at least your family can).

A trip to your local crafts store will reveal even more tools and gadgets that you will want to have for your home cake decorating hobbyHome cake decorating is a popular craftand there is no shortage of equipment to choose from as you pursue itAll of these tools and the information that you can access work together to make it fun and easy to become skilled at this artIf you already love bakingit is just a short step to creating fantastic edible works of art.

You can turn your love for baking and making your family happy into a creative and satisfying hobby with home cake decoratingWhether you are just perking up every day desserts or creating spectacularmultilayer extravaganzas for family celebrationsyour friends and relations are sure to enjoy and appreciate the extra effort you put into your home baked goods.

Even if you are starting out in home cake decorating with no experience at allyou are sure to learn quickly and have a lot of successYou just cant fail with all the wonderful tools and support materials available todaySo get stuck in and get creatingIn no time at all you will be the talk of your friends and family with your delicious works of artShame they have to be eaten but then you can always make another one.


Online Learning And Teaching Of Delicious Cupcakes Is Exciting And Worth Grabbing

Housewives or professionals, children or elders, there is no limitation who like to eat delicious cakes! Various types of cakes are made using different ingredients in multiple ways. Cakes are prepared and decorated according to the occasion. Cakes have a key role in every type of function or event with beautiful decoration. It is not much difficult to learn how to cook and garnish different types of cakes. Similarly it is very interesting to teach or learn cake preparation on the internet. Many online video classes are available to view and share ideas personally.

So many institutions and online tutorials offer courses for making cakes. It is very easy to learn tips and tricks of different varieties. Among the varieties available in cakes, the cupcakes look fantastic and yummy. It is very easy to prepare and decorate them. Teaching cupcake courses in an expertise way create best result in the students and allow getting perfectionism in creating delicious cakes.

Techniques and tips must be followed

  •        Different tools and machines are used in preparing cupcakes, they must be use properly to create the cake with perfect taste and decoration.
  •        Ingredients and decorative items should be understood and selected according to the item and its flavor.
  •        Icing skills and managing icing boards giving finishing touch to a cake in professional way is necessary.
  •        Stacking of double or multi barreled cake within variety of shapes wins the hearts of the audience. For teaching cupcake courses, decoration and using moulds takes an important role.
  •        Skillful Making flowers and designs with sugar cream depend on professionals and the method of preparation.
  •        Cakes are made in different shapes rather than conventional round or square shape is the modern trend. Emerging new ideas reflect to giving birth to a new item.
  •        Different themes are applied to create varieties of cakes, especially in making cup cakes. Flowers, dresses, handbags, shoes, bows, stars, and so many shapes are created and decorated enchantingly.
  •        Christmas cakes, birthday cakes, party cakes, Wedding cakes and other varieties are created in different shapes and decorations. Those must be taught to a student in a way they can catch the theme and prepare with new techniques.
  •        Sugar crafting and butter cream piping of cupcakes gives stunning effect and it is suitable for making a set of cakes and giving it as a gift to others.
  •        Some of the effects to exhibit a fantastic cup cake are rose piping, French nozzle, grass effect, and classic swirl.

A student should be confident with profound knowledge after taking a course of learning cake preparation. Information given by the teachers must be a written printout to keep it and practice for getting experience. The way of thinking changes person to person and there is no limitation in exploring individual talents in multiple ways.  For getting better results in teaching cupcake courses, one should prepare a plan to utilize the available time and giving proper explanation with powerful demonstration. Especially, giving online courses for cooking and decorating cakes is not much difficult if appropriate plan and execution appear.


Traffy Cake Shop

Niche cake pans are extraordinary varieties of it that can come in various products, dimensions and shapes. These pans are produced from heightened products; silicon and material are a few examples, which make it easy-to make cakes in with unique patterns and to remove the pastry in the molder. Most of these are constructed with nonstick surface to simply remove the pastry but it remains advisable in order to guarantee easiness of elimination to make usage of cooking oil spray or flour before baking muffins.

Part Cut side Brownie Pan, Scandinavian Almond, Caffeine, and Angel Cake Container Container are just afew examples of specialty supplies. The Border Brownie one is made from durable aluminum with non stick and easy-to-clean areas and it is best for chewy-edged brownies addicts. Corner Cut Meal people are 8- sided highclass pans trusted for to craft fashionable muffins with anodized aluminum for finishing for wedding anniversaries, marriages and also other special instances. The Scandinavian Almond also generally known as Rehrücken is known by its conventional circular, number that was ridged. A Coffeecake is really a donut-designed nonstick for offering delicious coffee desserts lined pan created especially. Finally, the Angel Dessert is actually a tube container with large edges and doesn’t require flour, baking spray or gas for pastry innovations. Other than these five pans, you will find more types of these amazing pans which shapes and come in various sizes.

These can be classified in three distinct classes: the three dimensional ones along with the ones. Shaped pans are not largely unpopular for birthday festivities where the celebrants’ specifically-produced muffins characterize interests or their passions. Typically the most popular shaped ones designed for the celebrators are designs of diamonds, cars, creatures, shoes, basketball balls, stilettos, triangles, ovals, and sometimes even different sorts of fruit and veggies. The next group could be the persona ones which are not most unpopular with youngsters owned by ages that are really young. Typically, their parents are asked by kids for desserts that replicate a common cartoon figures at this time from videos or television shows. The most popular character cakes for girls are Barbie and Disney’s princesses while small children lobby most for cartoon people like like Spiderman Buzz Lightyear and Superman Superman. The three-dimensional pans are cake pans by utilizing buttercream and royal sugar to connect the sheets of the cakes by adding a fresh coating giving cakes a pose.

Specialty cake pans are widely obtainable in nationwide outlets and options can be bought in stores that are online with very affordable rates. Get a few of these specifically-built cake pans to generate the most fancy cake to get a loved-one the birthday of or for almost any special occasion. A dessert fashioned being a princess adventure for the quite little girl turning six or even a reproduction of Scooby Doo for your sweet little boy enjoying his third birthday or a trainer-shaped dessert for the boot-partner spouse or tasty brownies fashioned as celebrities for visiting relatives can be achieved with your specialty cake pans. Creativity begins when cake pans are acquired. Employing individually easily achieves ideal styles for muffins -produced pans, designing the cake could be the remaining problem for dessert lovers.


60th Birthday Cake Ideas That You Will Love

So somebody’s turning 60! Wouldn’t that be reason enough to celebrate? You think about a subject, arrangement the menu, and attempt to locate the best birthday cake for him or her. Usually, the issue lies in discovering cake plans, subsequent to there are less cake thoughts as a man gets more seasoned. Here are some 60th birthday cake thoughts that you can look over.

Rather than the standard 1 major cake, why not make a few littler ones of various sizes, and after that stack them up as indicated by size. You can make a two-layered round cake and enhance it with icing figures of her most loved blooms. Alternately you can utilize white fondant icing and place little shaded icing natural products around it. You can likewise utilize crisp blossoms or coated organic products to beautify the cake. Simply make sure to exhort visitors if the improvements are unappetizing.

You can likewise prepare two rectangular or square cakes of various sizes. Spread them with fondant icing so they would look like wrapped blessings, complete with strips and wrapping paper. With white icing, you can make a little name card at a corner and compose “Glad Birthday” on it to make it resemble a genuine present. Place the littler cake on top of the other, at any point, for an all the more intriguing impact.

For him, you can make a cake with champagne bottle outline. Some white icing can be put on the container opening to reenact froth. You can likewise discover plans from his interests. A golf beau might want a birthday cake with golf clubs as outline. In the event that he is partial to gathering vintage autos, a cake fit as a fiddle of a vintage auto would intrigue.

Keep in mind that the birthday cake outline should likewise rely on upon the identity of the celebrant. For a man who orders appreciation and power, his birthday cake should likewise mirror the same. Rather than the typical vivid icing, make a basic yet exquisite birthday cake by finishing it with gold or silver icing in exemplary outlines.

There are numerous 60th birthday cake thoughts that you can consider. All you need is a little tolerance, and heaps of creative energy. What makes a difference is that you can make somebody’s birthday truly uncommon and huge. As he methodologies the brilliant years of his life, be grateful of consistently that he gets the chance to go through with you. So when that somebody in your family turns 60, finding the outline and setting up in a gathering would be simple.



This recipe provides a healthy twist to preparing traditional grain flour dough. Sour dough uses the process of natural fermentation that significantly breaks down the indigestible gluten in the wheat flour,

making it easier for digestion and much healthier for our GI tract. In addition to this, pumpkin provides a healthy, low calorie sweat treat ideal for autumn and winter period. The use of nuts and dry fruits complements this recipe with a load of minerals and added flavor for an irresistible yet healthy dessert.

The sour dough starter is simply made by combining of 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of plain flour (any grain flour will do) and 2 Tsp of honey. This is all combined well in a bowl, covered loosely and left in a room temperature for 24 to 48 hours. The dough forms bubbles and develops a strong sour smell as a result of the ongoing fermentation process. After two days, add 1 more cup of milk, 1 cup of flour and 1-2 Tsp of honey and leave it for another 24 hours to ferment.

Ingredients for the cake:

  • sour dough;
  • 3 cups of grated pumpkin or butter nut squash;
  • 2cups of coconut flakes;
  • 2 cups of greeted whole nuts (or a mix of nuts)
  • 2 eggs;
  • 3-4 Tsb honey;
  • 200-300 gr mixed dried fruits (dates, dry apricot, cranberry and raisins is a good combination, but use fruits of your choice);
  • 125 g of melted butter
  • 1Ysb vanilla extract (or seeds of 1 vanilla pod)
  • 1 Tsb canella;

Ingredients for the glaze:

  • 100-150 gr dark chocolate (at list 70% cacao parts)
  • 1 Tsp butter
  • 100 ml milk


Put the sourdough with the rest of dry and wet ingredients in a large bowl and mix all until well combined. Put the mixture in a deeper baking tray (over a baking paper). Bake in a preheated oven at a 180 °C for 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes. When you pick the baking tray, consider that as the dough does not contain baking powder it will not rise. Cool down the cake and glaze it with some melted dark chocolate (melted over a steam, combined with butter and milk) on top for more decadent experience and richer flavor.