Quality Cheeses Are the Secret to Great Burgers and Customers Satisfaction, Don’t Miss Out On Them


Burgers are one of the most loved foods worldwide; Australians spend more than 30% of their food budgets on fast food, especially burgers, every year. With so many burger restaurants opening in Australia, we can only assume that burgers have now become one of Australia’s most popular dishes.

Over the last year, everyone missed going out to restaurants, especially their favourite burger restaurant. Nothing compares to a burger from a restaurant, it’s just never the same at home. So why is that? Restaurant owners say that the quality of their cheeses is the secret to satisfying the customers.

The cheese holds the whole burger together and brings every ingredient together to create an amazing dish. So, let’s see which cheese slices are loved by Australian burger restaurants the most:

Hi-Melt Cheese Slices

Hi-Melt Cheese Slices AKA American cheese has always been the most popular burger cheese. American cheese perfectly melts and blends with the patty. For many customers, Pure Dairy Hi-melt cheese is the best cheese for their burgers. American cheese is a processed cheese specially made for burgers and sandwiches, and it has a medium-firm consistency and a unique yellow colour. The best feature of American cheese is that it has a low melting point, and it does not become greasy after heating. Instead, it becomes creamy and smooth. Easily a crowd favourite and often stocked in many burger restaurants.

Natural Cheddar

Some people choose to avoid more processed cheese in favour of more natural cheese. So, natural cheddar is an excellent option for a customer who likes to eat more naturally.

Cheddar cheese is the most popular cheese, and it is incredibly versatile. The sharp taste and smooth texture go well with anything. Pure Dairy natural cheddar slices are cut from the block of cheddar cheese with a mild flavour. They do not contain any additives, however, this does mean you have to be careful when using cheddar in your burgers because it becomes oily if melted too far, so be sure to melt at the right temperature.

Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is also the other non-processed cheese that goes well in burgers. Swiss cheese is a beautiful melting cheese that tastes like caramelized onions. This cheese has a mild flavour, perfect for those who don’t like an overpowering cheese taste.

It is nutty and buttery for those who like experimenting with their flavours. It also tastes great with mushrooms, and you can suggest that to your customers. By using Swiss cheese, your burger will be a little more gourmet.

All of these amazing cheese slices can be bought from Pure Dairy. Pure Dairy have a huge range of high-quality dairy products, including a range of burger cheeses, with guaranteed best quality and taste. They sell burger cheese slices Australia wide through their network of wholesale distributors. If you are interested in adding any of these cheeses to your restaurant menu, contact Pure Dairy, and they will get back to you with the additional details.

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