This recipe provides a healthy twist to preparing traditional grain flour dough. Sour dough uses the process of natural fermentation that significantly breaks down the indigestible gluten in the wheat flour,

making it easier for digestion and much healthier for our GI tract. In addition to this, pumpkin provides a healthy, low calorie sweat treat ideal for autumn and winter period. The use of nuts and dry fruits complements this recipe with a load of minerals and added flavor for an irresistible yet healthy dessert.

The sour dough starter is simply made by combining of 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of plain flour (any grain flour will do) and 2 Tsp of honey. This is all combined well in a bowl, covered loosely and left in a room temperature for 24 to 48 hours. The dough forms bubbles and develops a strong sour smell as a result of the ongoing fermentation process. After two days, add 1 more cup of milk, 1 cup of flour and 1-2 Tsp of honey and leave it for another 24 hours to ferment.

Ingredients for the cake:

  • sour dough;
  • 3 cups of grated pumpkin or butter nut squash;
  • 2cups of coconut flakes;
  • 2 cups of greeted whole nuts (or a mix of nuts)
  • 2 eggs;
  • 3-4 Tsb honey;
  • 200-300 gr mixed dried fruits (dates, dry apricot, cranberry and raisins is a good combination, but use fruits of your choice);
  • 125 g of melted butter
  • 1Ysb vanilla extract (or seeds of 1 vanilla pod)
  • 1 Tsb canella;

Ingredients for the glaze:

  • 100-150 gr dark chocolate (at list 70% cacao parts)
  • 1 Tsp butter
  • 100 ml milk


Put the sourdough with the rest of dry and wet ingredients in a large bowl and mix all until well combined. Put the mixture in a deeper baking tray (over a baking paper). Bake in a preheated oven at a 180 °C for 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes. When you pick the baking tray, consider that as the dough does not contain baking powder it will not rise. Cool down the cake and glaze it with some melted dark chocolate (melted over a steam, combined with butter and milk) on top for more decadent experience and richer flavor.


Top Four Places To Eat In Monterey County California

California is known for a lot of things, sun, surfing and Hollywood being just a few. Another of the firm favourites in The Golden State is food and drink. Men, women and children adore their food on the West Coast and as result places like Monterey are a gold mine for great eateries. To visit Monterey and not sample some of the local delights would be almost unforgivable. Not everyone gets the chance to experience any part of California often, so if you do make sure you eat your body weight in whatever delicacy you can get your hands on. To help you out, here are the best five places to eat in Monterey California.

Bistro Moulin

Chef Didier Dutertre is a very talented chef and one of the main reasons you have to check this place out if you in Monterey. The array of food on the menu is both delicious and varied. The theme centres around European food and good European food can be hard to come by in all of America. If you do happen to come across it, you have to pay for the privilege. Bistro Moulin is as affordable as it is enjoyable. Try the spinach gnocchi or the duck confit.

Café Fina

Cafe Fina is one of the best restaurants in Monterey CA and not many people would argue with that statement. Café Fina is a fantastic mix of seafood cooked in an Italian style, mixing the local cuisine with a bit of twist. In fact, Fina is so good that they were the sole caterer for John Madden’s induction into the American Football Hall of Fame in 2006.  Plus, they have been visited by numerous celebrities including fellow chef Rachael Ray. If you are hungry, the lobster is as fresh as it comes.

The Taqueria

The Taqueria is hard to find, but once you do you will never forget it. It is not a fancy place for Avant Garde dining; it is a budget eatery, and it is proud of that fact. There is nothing wrong with dining on a budget, if you can find a decent place to chow down. In fact, finding a great, budget restaurant is just as stimulating as eating at a world renowned restaurant. The Taqueria makes tasty tacos at $2 apiece, which are as delicious as they are authentic.

Cachagua General Store (Carmel Valley)

Now, Cachagua General Store is a restaurant that is very innovative. It is known as pop-up dinner and it is the original of the Central Coast. Even though it is out in the sticks and can be hard to travel to, you won’t be disappointed when you get there. The food is delicious and abstract, set in one of the most different settings in the whole of California. The rabbit five ways is one of the fans’ favourites and worth a try.
These four eateries are an eclectic mix of conventional and contemporary, cheap and expensive. Whatever it is you are looking for restaurant wise in Monterey, the options above will cover every base.


Junk Foods : A risk To your Health

Now you’re certainly asking “But I donot smoke pot? I have never handled Cocaine, and liquor is forbidden to me… so what are we referring to?!”

The answer is: Junk Food.

Don’t think me? Think about we see where we end up… ah and journey towards the supermarket I see you discovered the potato chips section. Or think about that McDonalds around the corner? Betcha you’d obtain the quarterpounder with extra cheese and dual fries right off the bat!

Did you possibly know that Junk-Food includes No Nutritional Value? That’s right, ZERO! Or did you even bother wondering what elements they have in them? It is likely that they are those deemed unhealthy to consume in any way, or substances considered harmful when often eaten. Junk Foods are great if you let’s not forget the fats in it causing ill-effects on your own health, and want an uptake in useless calories, cholesterol.

So why would you do it? Listed here are the common and widespread reasons which are certain to become yours also:

Less Time:

You’re at the office and you’ve a deadline over your mind. Fretting about receiving this statement completed sure makes you hungry. You begin munching away and pullout a bundle of Chips. Junk Food wins again due to the simplicity. These nachos include potato chips, and crackers etc thatnot possibly require heat or cooking. You can consume while watching Television, operating get creative them virtually doing something! And let us forget the God-delivered restaurants that offer pizzas and burgers at your door step able and warm to eat. You should be saved lots of period and hassles by that, right?

Great Style:

I will be the first to ever acknowledge right here, thus do yourself a benefit too. Junk Food can be your personal crime. It’s tasty; certainly, and itis desirable remarkable. Just like that commercial claims “you can’t eat only one”. Good flavor also affects you to choose unhealthy foods. However, you almost certainly didn’t realize that junk foods obtain style all thanks to the lush use of oils, salts and/or sugar. The moment you take the initial chunk: that is it, you are connected! But what about appropriate nutrition, you wonder? Do not worry; junk food enables you to forget all that.

Popular Advertising:

When you were a youngster growing up, you had been bound to bother your parents everytime you saw an ad at your preferred fast food restaurant for your new tasty crispy deals. Promotion and a huge role in finetuning our thoughts to acknowledge all junkfood like there is no tomorrow really play. Exactly how many instances can you view advertisements for your tasty new discounts at KFC or McDonalds, offering massive fresh burgers as well as the spiffy new combination meals? Your eyes, mind and abdomen are hypnotized by that new advertisement and its own items that only make you order yourself a mouthful and wanna dial that range. Television, Net, papers, radio, wall posters and banners… they’re everywhere you change. They’re the exact same reason which makes them harmful to your health if components make junk foods interesting. The fat items in junk foods have alarmingly high cholesterol levels, and of course the considerable amount of sugar and sodium salts that have adverse effects on health. High-calorie pleased with sugar are the master factors behind obesity, while cholesterol and salt are known to start a chain reaction that results in high blood pressure, stroke and heart conditions. Still not confident? Stop munching and have yourself if you’ve ever encountered:

Lack of Vitality?

Although junk foods are just about sufficing, they don’t offer you important vitamins, and finally insufficient essential nutrients leads to exhaustion and weakness occasionally. That is referred to as a short- term adverse effect

Poor attention?

Right after you’ve had a load of an expensive crap meal abundant with fat, you don’t target and begin feeling sleepy. Because of continuous cases of processed foods eating, blood circulation declines because of fat deposition. This results in lack of vital air, nutrients and proteins that will stale your gray (brain) tissues temporarily, ultimately resulting in poor concentration. That is another consequence of junk food and it is followed to affect in medium and immediate term times.

Heart Diseases?

Trying to burp out that painful inside your chest? Better start getting concerned because consuming a lot of processed foods is just a main reason for heart diseases. Myocardial infarction (a significant heart failure) is because of plaque development in arteries which ultimately needs the heart to include additional effort to pump body downstream. On the upstream, there’s lack of returning body for the center. This causes two injuries towards the heart: 1) heart fatigues by the ongoing additional energy it creates and 2) lack of suitable circulation in air supply. Treating this condition is frustrating and requires a great amount of will to get.

High Cholesterol?

Cooking gas ads (if you’ve ever paid attention) tell us that cholesterol is evil. Besides constricting arteries and forming plaques, liver where it’s digested is also affected by cholesterol. Odd then that the consumption of unhealthy foods features an ocean-filled with cholesterol which sort of diet traces the liver, damaging it. This is a longterm impact. Trust you paid interest enough to learn what unhealthy foods may do for you. Beware you won’t be able to quit off it before it’s too late and as the attraction is robust enough to get you addicted. It is in your arms to choose junk food or a healthy body. So here is a rule which will make it simple for you:

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Cake Decorating Instruction – A Chance To Learn From The Professionals ?

As with most things in life, you never stop learning. Even if you have had years of experience decorating cakes, you can always pick up a new tip or technique. By continuing your cake decorating instruction, you can stay on top of any new trends and discover what is coming in or out of favor. The more learning to get the easier your craft will become and more ideas will spring from your mind. If you are passionate about cake decorating, getting continuing education on the topic will be a joy and not a chore.

Equipped with the latest in technology and information, your cake decorating will be a breeze. Your cakes are sure to be even more beautiful once you avail yourself of these advantages. So visit your local craft store and have a look at all the wonderful information and equipment you can find there.
Cake decorating is a very popular hobby because it fills a need to express creativity. People tend to like others that make edible treats all the time, so there is a pretty great feel good factor to cake decorating too. When you first start out, you can get a lot of knowledge quickly by looking into the vast array of cake decorating instruction materials on the market today. There are new books, videos, and DVDs available all the time, so you will always be able to keep up to speed on the new ideas, technology and tools. By doing this, you will never miss a single valuable tip!

A good place to look for cake decorating instruction is the internet. There you will find new information on the many techniques known to top cake decorators. Knowing the latest tips, tricks, and trends can help you get the most enjoyment from your hobby. When you look online, you will find inside information from the top professionals in the cake decorating world. If you really want to make the most of this information, it is a good idea to follow it up by getting your own cake decorating video or DVD.

When you look for cake decorating instruction online, be sure that you also search cake decorating supplies and tools. You will be pleased to find the vast variety of DVDs, books, and videos available. With these materials you will receive cake decorating instruction that will allow you to create both specialty cakes and all purpose cakes for any festive occasion.

You may find it surprising, but there is always something new to learn on the subject of cake decoration. When you keep yourself informed of the most recent trends and developments, you will be able to create cutting edge designs. Your holiday cakes will dazzle, and your specially themes children’s birthday cakes will bring squeals of delight.

Don’t be put off by the volume of helpful cake decorating instruction out there. Try all of the forms of presentation, and choose the formats and media that work best for you. A popular alternative to books and magazines is the cooking shows on TV. Cooking shows have taken off over the past few years to the extent that some pretty niche specific topics are covered. Cake decorating professionals and pastry chefs often appear on these shows and share interesting and exciting techniques and information. This is an enjoyable, free way to get terrific ideas to improve your cake decorating skills.

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Several Interesting Thoughts About The Most Popular Foods In America

When it comes to finding the most popular foods in America this can vary based upon the persons own individual tastes. Many people seem to prefer the variety of choices listed on the fast food menu selection. However, there are also many popular foods that are created from home cooking that can be added into this list.

Many times when asked about popular foods, this can sometimes be misleading. Every person has their own taste preferences when it comes to the types of foods they consume. The most popular items however, on this list do tend to come from a variety of fast food restaurants.

French Fries

The top choice when eating at these locations seems to be adding in French fries. Of course the next most ordered popular items seem to always be targeted towards hamburgers. Numerous American take out choices do lean towards these two items in particular.


Pizza with its many choices selection of toppings can also be added into this list of go to foods. The traditional pizza can often be found to be created as a new home family night get together. While other people prefer to order a bucket of fried chicken.


Of course with these main dish selections there are also side dishes for the main meal. Some people seem to like that spicy type of food, so the next most popular fast food item would be the taco. Many restaurants have started to create these foods with many variety choice names to go along with them.


The next most fast food popular items tends to be within this same category. That would be the burrito, however, this fast food item is not just for certain ethnic groups like many think. These foods are often a favorite for many people of all ethnic backgrounds, especially whenever there seems to be a carnival in the community going on.


Many seem to always link the Americans to the famous hotdog, however, it is surprising to learn this food may not actually be listed as high up on the most popular food items like it used to be in the past. It is still a tradition however, for those that attend the football games to always need to order several of these. While many of these items are listed under fast food restaurant items, the Americans also have a popular home list as well.

Fried Chicken

When it comes to creating those special get together picnics, many will still turn to the fried chicken. However, many have started to create these foods from scratch, rather than ordering them. Another home favorite on this list, is the spaghetti dinner.

These most American popular food items seem to come from many years of traditional secret recipes handed down from generation to generation. Nonetheless, whenever a person takes a poll on what are the most popular food choice selections they may always get different answers depending upon who they ask. With the many different cultures, and selections made available in the food chain it can sometimes get difficult to list some items that are often consumed.

Furthermore, many Americans are now starting to pay more attention to the types of foods they consume on a daily basis. For that reason, it would not be surprising to learn that many now rank healthier food choices as the most popular selections within their diet choices. Nonetheless, some of the foods we have mentioned here in this article do still seem to be high within their ranked categories.

Finally, this list would not be complete unless we mentioned the ice cream. Numerous Americans do still rank this as a very popular item. Along with that would be the American apple pie. These two for many generations will always remain popular.

When it comes to trying to determine the most popular food items in America, the list can sometimes be diverse. However, if the person takes their time to explore the many food options available, it can help them with their selections. The internet provides the best tools to help any person seeking to learn more information about the Americans and their food preferences the best chance at finding what they seek.

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Find Out The Heritage Of Popcorn

Popcorn has been around since some of the earliest records of civilization. We know that it was an important food as well as a part of important ceremonies. It has been enjoyed by cultures around the world for centuries and continues to delight us to this day. We eat popcorn in lots of different guises, we pour on the salt and butter, cover it with chocolate, form it into balls and eat it by the ton. Our appetite for the fluffy little kernels nets us about 17 billion quarts of popcorn that are consumed by Americans each year.

Little Known Facts

It seems that there has always been popcorn and that fact is close to being true. It has even been found in some tombs in Egypt and in ancient caves in Mexico. The oldest ears ever found are believed to be about five thousand six hundred years old. There is debate on how popcorn originated or why, but it is widely known that it came about through cross breeding of wild grasses until the species that we know and love today was developed.

Popcorn is different than the sweetcorn that we grow primarily to eat fresh. The hull on popcorn is what makes the magic happen. It is a hard casing that is impermeable so that when the kernel is heated, moisture in the seed turns to steam and bursts the hull open, hence the name. Popcorn is left on the stalk to dry and is not ready to be harvested until the plant turns brown. The moisture content is important for making the corn actually pop and is perfect when it is less than about twenty five percent.

Endless Variety Of Snacking Flavors

Popcorn today is enjoyed in all parts of the world and the ways that we prepare and flavor it are as diverse as the people that enjoy it. Of course there isn’t a movie theater in this country that doesn’t sell hot buttered popcorn. It is a staple that is synonymous with entertainment and can be found not only in movie theaters, but circuses, fairs and festivals all over the world.

The ways we flavor popcorn to enjoy it to its maximum potential are endless. People are constantly experimenting with flavors and combinations that might be the next big hit. Salty sweet combinations are especially popular with caramel and chocolate covered popcorn topping the list every year. No matter how you like your popcorn, you can be sure that there are millions of people around the world that share your enthusiasm for one of the greatest foods of all time.


Healthy Foods For Children – Moving to Wholegrains

Well balanced meals for children will be the same meals that are advantageous to the others people to eat. There’s no magical mix of foods which might be unique for each agegroup.

Nevertheless, obtaining the fast-foods, kids who may be used to eating the toughest foods to consume and junk ingredients wrapped in cellophane, could be a task. Possibly this impediment to healthy eating may be overcome with effort and a little persistence on your own element.

Any healthy diet plan stops and begins with all the ingredients you permit in your house. Yes, you certainly are the domain’s master which is your responsibility to make sure simply great healthy foods enter your home.

Healthy Diet Menu

Many cheap healthful recipes may be used to generate delicious foods from the wholegrain class.

Daily Nutritional Needs

The listing of whole grains is long. But of value to you personally could be the set of well balanced meals to eat available in your supermarket that contains wholegrains.

Wholegrains include balanced diets for kids, are meals that lower blood glucose, and help avoid a number of the reasons for child obesity.

Whole grains should make-up a big part of your daily diet.

Balanced Proper Diet

Because kids love carbohydrates a superb place to start may be the wholegrains. Besides, the change from sophisticated grain breads, dinner, and cereals to wholegrain products is not too difficult.

Getting children to eat balanced might seem just like a formidable undertaking however it can be achieved. You simply have to take baby steps obtain acclimated to more healthy meals and to fade them off junkfood.

These are definitely well balanced meals for kids and they will be liked by you also.

That record includes:

* Whole grain breads.

* whole-grain cereals from full kernel corn oats, or whole wheat grains.

* wholegrain pasta created from spelt or wholewheat.

* cornmeal that’s not been degerminated makes great corn bread.

Corn chips produced from corn’s complete kernel.

* Brown or wild rice (or mixes of both).

Perhaps treats may make a large percentage of a kid’s daily dietary needs up. Into offering them with healthy foods at snack time so you better put some energy.

If presented the choice, many kids can decide to eat a raw carrot stick instead of a gooey treat.

Sometimes it is best in the event that you only provide the foods then enable them to select by themselves, to locate youngsters healthy foods.

When you seem beyond fastfoods and start building healthful food choices the set of healthy foods to consume begins to look endless.

Have you ever questioned why many people only cannot maintain it off and shed weight?

Do you need to learn HOWTO change your preferred dishes to be healthier stand cost so you remain healthy and can consume what you want?


Healthy Weight Loss without Sacrificing Delicious Food

With all the new snacks, soft drinks, fast food chains and various other “unhealthy” edibles popping up around town, you may find it hard to keep your weight, your figure, and even your health in a proper condition. And together with the unhealthy food franchises booming, comes the massive list of “healthy diets” we just can’t get enough of. Sadly, most of these healthy diets involve eating a lot less of the delicious things and more of chewing leaves. Admit it, if you’ve ever tried one of the veggie diets, then you must’ve felt like a rabbit at one point, chewing nothing but cabbage, carrots and all that comes in the less-delicious family of foods.

Luckily, there are also a lot of delicious healthy foods out there. You don’t have to go all vegetarian or vegan just to have the perfect body. Chicken is a healthy solution for people who want to keep themselves in a healthier body. Of course, it really depends on how the chicken is cooked. But we’ll get there soon.

First, let’s talk about what’s good about chicken. Chicken (or any other white meat) generally has less cholesterol and saturated fat (the “bad” fat) than red meats (such as pork and beef). It is a good source of protein, which helps to condition the muscles in our bodies. It also gives a pretty good amount of vitamins B6 and B3 which help the body’s metabolism and gives a proper amount of energy to last through the day. Aside from that, chicken is also a good source for the anti-cancer element: selenium, which is also good against cardiovascular disease and several other diseases. It would probably take half a day to discuss all the good things about chicken meat, so let’s just settle with some of its perks mentioned above for now.

Obviously, there are a lot of ways to cook chicken. The healthiest ways would include boiling, broiling, grilling, sauté, and poaching. However, no matter what way of cooking you decide to go with your chicken, it’s best to keep in mind that chicken skin (even if it’s a part of the chicken) is not a very healthy food and should be avoided if you’re planning to lose weight or have a healthier body.

It’s actually very easy to find free healthy chicken recipes now that the internet is something normal in most households. Search “healthy chicken recipe” and you’ll probably be flooded with thousands and thousands of search results with infinite ways of deliciously cooking your healthy meal. Some websites do offer an entire feature for healthy chicken meals like which dedicated a portion of the site to “Healthy Diet Chicken Recipes” (and they really do look very delicious), as well as which offers recipes for “Chicken Dishes That Flatten your Belly”. To add to the healthy chicken recipe sources, offers 100 Easy Chicken Recipes under their “Healthy Chicken Recipe” section of the website as well.

But if you’re more of the traditional gal or pal, you can hit the nearest bookstore and go to the food section. There are literally hundreds of healthy food recipe books, which include chicken recipes you can buy.

Whoever said going on a diet is torture probably never knew chicken could be both healthy and delicious at once. Cooking your own recipe or ordering ready to make ingredients and just mixing them up can be just as fun, especially when done with a loved one or a family member.

TIPS & Recipes

Horseradish (Amoracia rusticana) the hot herb

Horseradish is the herb of the year and is best known for the use of its root in making a sauce for meat.

You can easily make a sauce like this:

Beg, buy or steal some horseradish root and grate it finely. This may make you cry but persevere. Put into a blender with a quarter cup of sour cream, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, one tablespoon of mayonnaise, one tablespoon of chopped chives. Whizz it up and you should have a creamy tangy accompaniment to a meat of your choice and it tastes much better than the kind you can buy in the supermarket. You can also experiment by adding other ingredients to this basic recipe such as garlic, coriander, ground cumin or whatever your fancy dictates. Traditionally horseradish sauce is eaten with roast beef unless one is a vegetarian in which case hold the beef.

Horseradish plant

For those gardeners among you why not grow horseradish? You’ll need a piece of ground where spreading won’t be a problem, although I have to say this has not been an issue here. Our horseradish as stayed firmly in place for several years and refuses to spread. Obtain a piece of root from a friend or a market. Dig a hole slightly larger than the root and place it with its head just above the surface. Pack soil around it and watch it grow. Fertilize occasionally but limit nitrogen otherwise you’ll get a lot of leaf and little root. Try an organic fish fertilizer. It smells but it works! It will probably be 12 to 18 months before you can harvest some root. Dig the roots in early Spring when the green tops begin to show. Keep the larger roots for processing and replace the others in the same spot. And remember horseradish appears benign until you peel and grate it.

Horseradish has particular meaning for us this week as it is an important part of the Passover seder symbolizing the bitterness felt by the Jews when they were slaves in Egypt at the time of the Pharoahs. Eaten grated and raw it will certainly bring tears to your eyes.

TIPS & Recipes

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Are The Perfect Summer Treat

As the snow begins to melt and the flowers start to bloom, we know that summertime is just around the corner. Aside from being able to actually get outside and enjoy the weather without having to be bundled up, this is also the perfect time to start thinking about those foods that go best with the warm weather. One food that seems to go synonymous with fun in the sun and good times with friends and family is chocolate covered strawberries.

Avoid The Kitchen

Even though chocolate covered strawberries are not especially difficult items to make, most of us don’t look forward the idea of spending time in the kitchen when we would rather be outside. In fact, you could probably make a long list of things that you would much rather be doing than cooking or preparing meals. With this in mind, why not avoid the hassle of making chocolate covered strawberries on your own and purchase them instead? Although these treats seem decadent and expensive, you may be surprised to find out just how affordable they are if you purchase them from an online retailer. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have chocolate covered strawberries on their way to your front door.

Great As Gifts

Of course, you don’t have to wait around until the weather is just perfect to give the gift of chocolate covered strawberries to that special person in your life. If you have a friend or family member that lives far away and you want to send them something special and unique that they are sure to love, there is probably nothing better than a sweet treat to send that message. If you are especially handy in the kitchen, you can order chocolate covered strawberries online and have them sent directly to someone’s home. Imagine the surprise and delight on their face when they receive such a wonderful gift in the mail.

Perfect All Year Long

Although chocolate covered strawberries may be synonymous with summertime, they are also a great treat when you find yourself indoors hiding from the cold winter months. In fact, they may just be the best way to inject a little summer fun into even the darkest months of the year. Whether you have a picnic planned at the local park in the middle of July or are huddled around the fireplace deep into January, chocolate covered strawberries will definitely put a smile on your face and make it feel like it’s summer no matter what the weather is like outside.