Most of the people from the different corner of the world want to enjoy with Spanish delicious foods and you may be one of them. You may think that Spanish food takes much time to prepare due to its quality and recipes but you can prepare it easily.
Basically, most of the Spanish prefer traditional foods which are prepared in a traditional way.
So, you should not take much tension to prepare Spanish foods if you are shifting there. No Spanish dishes are complicated to prepare, they mostly have Rice, soups, beans and stews. Most of the foods are boiled  by using pressure cookers. Here are some easy to make and quick to serve Spanish foods:
1. Easy Sea foods: You will find many sea foods in Spain which are prepared by roasting, frying,and baking within half an hour. You can get various sea foods easily such as- Valencian prawns, pescado con salsa de cebolla, bacalao con samfaina and so on.
2. Easy meat: Most of the Spanish have meats in their first course and main course. Basically, pork, veal and lam are famous and mostly preferred meats in Spain. You can get different recipes of meat such as- such as beef tomato stew, roast suckling pig, roast lamb, pasta in chorizo and tomato sauce and so on.
3. Easy salad: If you go to most of the Spanish restaurants, you can see that most of the Spanish love vegetable salad with their lunch and dinner. You can find fresh vegetable salads which are prepared in a simple way. They love mostly; mixed green salad, tomato salad recipe, cucumber salad, spanish summer pasta salad, tropical salad and so on.
4. Easy Soups and Beans: Most of the Spanish have soups and Beans for their first course and second course which are easily made within the short time. The most preferred soups are-andalusian cold tomato soup Gazpacho, Gazpacho blanco, white garlic soup, and so on.
5. Easy Desserts: If you go to Spain, you can find healthy and fresh desserts in different shops. Most of the desserts are made of almonds, sugars, pea nuts, Turron and other ingredients.
If you are really shifting to Spain, you will learn many more things about different types of easy foods recipes which will make your stay easy, comfortable and delighted.

Kanton Restaurant, truly Chinese cuisine

What does eating Chinese mean? Really Chinese, though. Let me tell you: few know it.

Forget spring rolls, Cantonese rice (which is not even a Chinese dish) and similar dishes, which in recent years have become a sort of label for these ethnic cuisines.

The real Chinese is another matter entirely. Raw materials arriving from the eastern market, yes, but of the highest quality and cooked with techniques almost unknown to us.

At Kanton Restauant in Capriate San Gervasio, Chinese cuisine is serious: you can taste one of the (few) real Chinese cuisines in Bergamo and in the province.

Merit of Weiku Zhu , a young chef born in 1987 who over the years has developed a new concept of cuisine, while remaining faithful to the tradition of home: his mission, which he himself calls “The kitchen you don’t expect”, above all wants to unhinge the most common stereotypes related to Chinese cuisine relying on research and experimentation, thus merging ancient Chinese cuisine and its millenary recipes with cutting-edge cooking methods.

Forget, then, red lanterns, almond chicken, dragon clouds and all kinds of preconceptions you know about Chinese cuisine. And forget, above all, the “all you can eat” and “take away” formulas in which quantity overhangs you learn quality.

Done? Then you are ready for the Kanton Restaurant.

The interior of the Kanton

The restaurant in via Gramsci – completely renovated in 2014 – is beautiful, refined and well-kept. Nothing to do with the many Chinese restaurants that we are used to seeing in every country now.

Duck in the fiery orchard

Weiku Zhu behind the stove proves to be a true champion: he combines his own cultural techniques, such as wock and steam, and combines them with more avant-garde methods such as sous-vide or nitrogen.

The result? Absolutely excellent dishes such as the pork ribs with three spices, the potato and mushroom and chicken crust meatball, the bag of Jiutsai chives in double cooking, the flavored soy strips and squid. And what about the duck in the burning orchard?

Dishes, these, which are all detailed and meticulously explained before each tasting by Zhu and his wife, in a story that involves and fascinates.

Steamed prawn ravioli

Fried sea bass, sweet and sour

Taro roll in sesame crust

The prices of the menu are mid-range, absolutely in line with the quality of the dishes offered. Indeed, it would almost be said that 10-15 euros more on the final bill would not even turn up their noses.

You can find appetizers that oscillate between 4 and 8 euros, while for a first course a maximum of 15 euros is spent. For the second courses of meat and fish they serve an average of 16 euros.

Tastings from 42 to 45 euros and the opportunity to taste the wonderful lacquered duck of historical fame, but only by reservation.

Nothing inaccessible, indeed.

The ritual of tea at the Kanton

The enormous tea list deserves a special mention, an added value of the Kanton: for those who decide to dine here it is absolutely recommended to avoid the wine to be guided in the vast world of tea by the chef, who will advise you on the basis the dishes chosen to create the right balance of flavor and taste.